Fire Detection

The demands on fire detection systems are growing daily.

The need for reliable, early detection of fire and smoke is evident in situations such as hospitals, hotels, data processing centers, as well as industry, to protect against loss of life and property. It is increasingly important to eliminate as far as possible, false alarms.

To achieve this peace of mind, a combination of intelligent technology and a trusted supplier are essential. DSI supply, commission and maintain a diverse range of Fire Alarm Systems to meet the needs of every customer from small single panel sites to large networked systems.

DSI Systems are certified for the installation and maintenance of ZP3, VESDA high sensitivity smoke detection systems.

Fire alarms can be categorized into the following:

  • Advanced Intelligent Addressable Systems
  • Conventional Systems
  • High Sensitivity / Specialist Hazards
  • Gas extinguishing Systems
  • DSI Systems, design supply and install a ranges of automatic gas extinguishing systems including FM200 and Inergen.






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